Dr. Hsueh, Chung Ming (薛宗明) whom I had introduced to some of  you on May 24, 2006 at Brooklyn Borough Hall, 
is the author of Taiwan Music Dictionary. If you googled his name, you would know him more. A graduate from the 
former National Taiwan University of Arts and earned a doctor degree in musicology from the University of Vienna. 
He lives in Flushing with his wife Jacqueline Ko, whom you also met on  May 24, she was the AE of the  ad of 
"Passport to Taiwan" for us. 
Dr. Hsueh born in Manchuria (1945) grew up in Shi-Lin town, Taipei,  fluently in Taiwanese. If you are looking 
for someone to talk about Taiwanese  music, he is the authority. 
If you download this file, and when you want to search, press Control and  F, and type in what you are looking 
Dr. Hsueh would like to share his works with all of us. It is a published book, I saw it in the bookstores and 
music stores in Taiwan. It could be list on the website!!
Dr. Chung Ming Hsueh's e-mail address: jh312888@hotmail.com.
Patsy Chen


Some of articles by Hsueh, ChungMing:


Yang Shoujing together with orchid old musical instrument composition