Dear staff, parents, members and friends,

Thank you all for making the virtual rehearsal meetings possible. Great collective efforts from all of us have minimized negative impacts on daily lives and mental health of our members. Itís a blessing to have the opportunity to meeting each other online as an alternative to in person! In the meanwhile, Youth Orchestra, CYCNY will continue to provide opportunities of public performance to our musicians. We appreciate your support!

The next public online concert will be held at 4:00 pm on Saturday, March 27, 2021. All of you can play a key role in this layout. Please prepare and participate yourself for the stage. Send in your program information including composers, the music pieces and all the names of the performers to Music Conductor Chung at and Artistic Director Patsy Feng Chen at Please transmit them in a timely matter so all publications can be announced in time. 請踴躍報名星期六327號對外公開的師生音樂會,所有演出曲目、作曲家演奏者名稱,請即日提出,謝謝!


Stay healthy and optimistic!

Jason Chang

Executive Director

Youth Orchestra,CYCNY