PPSEAWA-NY Lunar New Year Celebration-March 2nd, 2018 at TECONY


5:30 – Registration

5:45 – Master of Ceremony Lady Fran Todd’s Introduction


Ambassador Lily Wen-Li Hsu, Director-General of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York) Remarks


Introduce Director Bill SuPao Chang of Taipei Cultural Center of TECONY


President of PPSEAWA-NY Vera Olichney (Speaks)


Lady Francesca Todd - Master of Ceremony (Speaks)


6:00 – Lion Dance - Hakka Association of NY(大紐約客家會舞獅團)


6:10Start to Serve Buffet –Catering from Hunan House


7:05 - 8:05 Entertainment


1. Tap Dance by Twins Angelina Huang and Andrew Huang


2. Tea Mountain Love Scene

- Dance Troupe of Taiwan Center’s Senior Center Dancers: Freda Chuang, Helen Wang,

Martina Tseng, Amy Wang, Susan Lai and Wendy Wu


3. Naomi Liu and Eva Kuo (郭雅芬), Vocalists


4. Life is Beautiful (瀟灑走一回)

   - Dance Troupe of Taiwan Center’s Senior Center


5. James Chung (鍾文忠), Vocalist

a. Seven Lonely Days

b. Besame Mucho

c. As the Gong rings, we shall be parted (銅鑼響起)


6. Maria Mavrikou, Belly Dancer


8:05 – Cutting and Serving the Cake


8:30 - Party End