Dear All:
Important e-mail from Queens council on the Arts.
Queens Council on the Arts is changing its logo, the new logo should appear in our Holiday Concert in December, 2010.


Announcement From Katie Tuss, Arts Fund Coordinator of Queens Council on the Arts :
Sent: 2010/3/31 A.M. 10:15:39 Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: New QCA logo, final and intermediate reports


1)       QCA is launching a new website and identity in the next couple of months and we have a new logo. You can download the logo here in numerous iterations. If you already created print material with the old logo, you do not have to replace it. Please update the logo on your website and other online marketing and any designs that have not yet been printed. Please use the new logo in future materials.


2)       Regarding reporting: If your project will be completed prior to June 15th, please skip the interim report and fill out the final report instead. Final reports are due 30 days after your project is completed. Final reports are now available on CueRate. Use the same login and password that you used when applying for the QCAF grant. The field for the final report is listed under the grant application field. I will send out another email about intermediate reports once June rolls around.


3)       If you have a QCAF funded program coming up, please let me know at least 3 weeks in advance so that I can add it to the calendar and find an auditor to attend.


Katie Tuss

Arts Fund Coordinator
Queens Community Arts Fund
Queens Council on the Arts