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"一炮即紅"  歌舞劇

(Fame and Celebrate: A Clayton Production)

將由來自猶他州一所專門訓練專業歌唱與跳舞明日之星的學校效長 C. Kim Clayton 率領40 15-18 歲具表演才華之青春俊男俏女   演出百老匯歌舞劇之名音樂舞蹈,      以及創新之新劇與歌舞.  將假紐約台灣會館於六月十二日晚間七時演出 

邀請有興趣鄉親與友人觀賞只容300 座位除貴賓席之外.


大紐約區台灣人社團聯合會 718-381-5095 

台灣會館 718-445-7007 

大紐約區台灣同鄉會 718-565-9164


1981 在猶大州的 Salt Lake City 成立的 Clayton Productions,至今已訓練出近 6000名的表演藝術及舞蹈歌唱家。

六月十二日(星期六)晚上七點,將有兩隊 Clayton Productions 15 18 歲明日之星,來台灣會館演出 “FAME” and “CELEBRATE” (一炮即紅)的高水準百老匯歌舞表演。此老少咸宜的巡迴初夏娛樂節目,會館的演出是紐約首演,是經UN/DPI 非政府組織的 Friendship Ambassadors Foundation 大紐約區台灣人社團聯合會(紐約台灣同鄉會及台灣會館協辦)




                                                  大紐約地區台灣人社團聯合會 敬啟

董事會:郭正昭,李正三,揚涵珺,樊豐美,黃再添,周秀蘭,林瑞葉,王政卿,賴弘典,陳隆豐,紐約同鄉會,FAPA NY分會,,,,(名單繼續增加中)





"Fame and Celebrate"  A Clayton Production:

 2 groups of Young and Future Musical Theater Singers and Dancers (age 15-18)

on Saturday, June 12, 7 pm

at Taiwan Center (台灣會館)

Free admission with ticket

for ticket please contact your organization such as:

TAA-NY (718-565-9164)

Taiwan Center (718-445-7007)

Youth Orchestra, CYCNY

 (718-454-7181, 718-834-8904, 917-346-9599)


Taiwanese American Council - Greater NY








Clayton Productions was founded July of 1981 in Salt Lake City, Utah as a private entertainment school for youth under the direction of D. Kim Clayton.  Since its humble beginnings, Mr. Clayton has seen nearly 6000 youth walk through his doors to become a part of the magical world of song, dance, showmanship and performance.


The nationally recognized performing groups, "FAME" and “CELEBRATE,” are two of thirteen talented performing organizations at Clayton Productions and represent them nationally as two of their premier showcase performing groups.  These talented boys and girls range in age from 15-18 years.  Each performer has been carefully selected through a difficult audition process because of his/her talents, commitment to excellence, and desire to share their musical gift with people of the world.


The repertoire of "FAME" and “CELEBRATE,” include high‑energy song and dance routines from Broadway to Country, Pop to Funk, Swing to Musical Theater ‑ visiting popular eras such as Rock 'n' Roll of the 50's, Roaring 20's, Big Band Era of the 40's,  Salutes to the 70's and 80's, and of course...the hits of today.  Familiar favorites from Broadway musicals such as Big River, The Wiz, Salute to Disney, West Side Story, Newsies, Grease, City of Angels, Cats, Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera and Starlight Express are a part of their agenda (all music arranged and written by D. Kim Clayton specifically for these productions).


Groups from Clayton Productions have performed in such places as the Statue of Liberty, United Nations, Walt Disney World, The White House, Pentagon, Kings Dominion, Taste of Chicago, Ilikai Hotel, BYU Hawaii, Embarcadero, Sea World, Disneyland, McDonald's World Youth Classic, England, Scotland, Wales, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, Austria, Czech Republic, and Venezuela to name a few.  Mr. Clayton's students have also performed as leads, support roles, and extras in network television movies, music videos, national and local television/radio commercials, LDS Church videos, Cable Television, local and community theatrical productions, Lagoon's Music USA, and BYU's Young Ambassadors.



Because we see so many negative influences in our world of today, it is refreshing to experience something that is positive, professional, uplifting, and yet still contains all of the entertaining qualities of "Showbiz".  We invite you to join experience that you won't soon forget.