"Pray for Haiti" 

An Interactive Performance by Chin Chih Yang


歡迎欣賞與參與 行動藝術展  - 放送為海地災民祈福的天燈

Who: 台美藝術家楊金池 (and you)

  What: 行動藝術展  - 放送為海地災民祈福的天燈


  When:  二月六日週六) 下午 5:30 -9:30


  Where: 曼哈頓-聯合廣場Union Square Park South (14th Street &   Broadway)


  Why: 為海地災民祈福






Dear Friends,


Please come to join my interactive performance "Pray for Haiti"
I am working on sky-lanterns, so when you come to join, you can have a lantern. 


Time: Saturday, February 6,  5:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

Route: Start at Union Square Park South (14 street & Broadway), walk to Broadway, then walk to Fifth Ave, then to Consulate General of Haiti (271 Madison Avenue).


More info. please call: 917-547-9651


Thank you,

Chin Chih




"Pray for Haiti" 

An Interactive Performance by Chin Chih Yang

In traditional Taiwanese culture, the sky-lantern is a message of peace. Lanterns were sent aloft that loved ones might know everything was OK, that life continued in the wake of disaster. Following this custom, interactive performance artist Chin Chih Yang wishes you to rally around him in show of your support for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Imagine thousands of lanterns ascending the sky, illuminating the prospect of a world where life has triumphed over death, where warmth and humanity outmatch hopelessness and indifference! Join us in our cause to strengthen the Haitian people in their time of need. You can make donations, or simply walk with us, showing your support for Haiti at this moment of crisis.